Rolex Vintage Air-King Models

Rolex has an excellent reputation as one of the best luxury watch brands globally that need to be maintained. Every Rolex watch is meticulously crafted and offers the highest level of functionality.

In 2020, the brand commemorated 100 years of watchmaking excellence, precision, and expertise.

You might feel overwhelmed by your options in a world with over 400 registered Rolex models — there are so many to choose from! If you want to taste Rolex, we recommend the Rolex Air-King model.

History of Rolex Air-King Model

Rolex Air-King model is also known as warrior watch because this series was created for the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom in the 1950s.

The Air-King models have a classic and straightforward retro design inherited from historical aviator models. There are four main requirements for pilot timekeeping devices: they must have a readable dial, be sturdy, precise, and simple to use. As a result, the dials of top-of-the-line Air-King watches have a unique look with no extraneous elements.

2007 – 2014

2007 came as a surprise to Rolex fans worldwide when a modern touch and bold features introduced Air-king to a modern era.

The ref. 114200 has a 34mm case, was bulked up with wider lugs, and had a more significant overall appearance on the wrist.

For the first time, Rolex introduced the fluted bezel made of white fancy 18k gold, a clasp with excellent links, and a variety of colors to choose from; these changes, as a result, updated the dial and redesigned the bracelet.

Even though the cal.3130 was still intact, the COSC certification brought Air-king in line with the rest of the luxury models.

Rolex Air-King Model Now

The historical and present Rolex Air-King model has easily discernible distinctions.

To start with, the new model has the 40-mm case, as opposed to the vintage model's 34 mm; the addition of the non-quarter-hour digits and the triangle at the noon mark; and other details like the choice of hands and the green colored highlights are just a few of them.

The contemporary Air-King is unmistakably a Rolex creation rather than a direct historical tribute. The modern Air-King, in our opinion, looks more like a descendant of the Rolex Explorer, especially in terms of dial layout and hand selection.

Rolex's legendary success is built on highly efficient, purpose-built wristwatches. The Air-King may be a significant deviation from this tradition, but that's precisely what makes it so unique regarding the brand's overall history.