Rolex Vintage Cellini Models

Rolex has designs that have become incredibly recognizable, even if you're glancing at somebody's wrist across the room. But the Rolex Cellini model is one model in their catalog that doesn't look like the iconic Rolex watches that many of us have known. This article talks about one of the watches that make up the Rolex Cellini line and why it is one of the most underrated Rolex watches.

Wide Assortment of Designs

The name of this model pays tribute to the great Italian goldsmith and sculptor, Benvenuto Cellini, from the renaissance era. The development of the Cellini model dates back to 1928, with the release of its original model, the Rolex Prince. The design complemented the sportier models with rectangular art and deco styles. It never reached success as other Rolex watches did, but it obtained a production time of 20 years.

The Rolex Cellini line was often regarded as a random design watch as it had no single aesthetic but many diverse assortments of designs. However, in the 1960s, the Rolex gave its Cellini lineup the advertisement it deserved. The Cellini lineup took off pretty well after being branded as elegant dress watches. It offered some pretty decent designs that were elegant and creative.

Evolution Over the Years

Like the King Midas edition, the 1960 Rolex Cellinis had bold and unconventional shapes. Moving forward, the 1970 Rolex Cellini inspired vintage watches like the Cellini Danaos. The following years were heavily inspired by some of the previous years of the luxury watch brand.

The classic Cellini has similar cases of the mid-30 mm. This design was inspired by the Rolex Bubbleback design from the early 20th century. When the Rolex Cellini established itself well enough in the "tuxedo-watch" category, Rolex reintroduced its classic Cellini Prince with an advanced touch. The unique watch stood out for the brand's lineup of round Oyster case watches. Collectors seek the Cellini Prince model for its eye-catching design and versatile sophistication.

The Cellinis were exclusively designed but with many iterations. These watches changed the Rolex Cellini for a confusing array of designs. Due to this, it was always shadowed by the rest of Rolex’s collections and was eventually discontinued.

The Comeback – Modern Rolex Cellini

In 2014, the Rolex Cellini line was reintroduced with a stunning announcement, this time with a well-defined aesthetics. While the Cellini was still different from the rest of the Rolex watches, it was only offered as Rolex's dress watch for Rolex lovers.

The Rolex Cellini lineup consists of the same 39mm curved case. It is either crafted in 18k white gold or Rolex’s trademark Everose gold. The modern Rolex Cellini line has four models:

The Time: A classic three-hand watch

The Date: Featuring a date sub-dial at 3 o'clock.

The Dual Time: Featuring a sub-dial at 6 o'clock to show the second time zone and a day and night indicator.

The Moonface: The first Rolex to feature a Moonface since the 1950s.