Rolex Vintage Date Models

If you're thinking about buying your Rolex but are worried about the price, don't be. There are numerous models that are ideal for first-time Rolex customers.

The Rolex Date, often referred to as the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date, is a good example. The Date is a different collection from the Datejust, despite the fact that it is commonly mistaken with it. The Rolex Date is a cross between an Air-King and a Datejust.

History of Rolex Date Model

The Datejust was the world's first automated chronometer-rated timepiece with a date window on the dial, initially released in 1945 to commemorate the company's 40th anniversary.

The Datejust also introduced the Jubilee bracelet, which is instantly recognizable thanks to its five-link design and has since become one of Rolex's most popular bracelet models.

Rolex introduced the Cyclops in 1953, which adds a magnifying lens to the glass above the date display to improve legibility.

The Cyclops lens is distinguished by its protrusion from the surface of the glass it sits on, and it has always joined the date display on every Datejust piece from its introduction.

Classic Rolex Date References

Here are some of the evergreen, classical Rolex date references:

Ref. 1501

The 60s and 70s were two of the most remarkable watch-making eras in history, with some of the best antique Rolex watch models still available today.

Ref 1501 will not let you down. This vintage timepiece, which was first introduced in the 1970s, has a contemporary feel that does not get old.

The watch's 34 mm case is made of stainless steel, yellow or pink gold, and is waterproof. The dial is available in two colors: black matter or silver with silver reference markings.

The ref 1501 has a date display at the 3 o'clock point, which replaces the index marker, as do other Date models.

For better clarity, the dial is capped with a sapphire display and a Cyclops lens above the date aperture.

The watch's sleek design is completed with a machine-turned dial, stainless metal Oyster band, and twist crown.

Ref. 1505

The Rolex Date 1505 has a machined and twisted gold bezel and crown, making it a unique Rolex Date model. This particular model has a very interesting display with a lot of unique features. The dial features a rich matte grey tone and a vertical satin finish with a straight grain, which is considerably different from the brilliant patterned satin finishes seen on other dials of the time.

The Rolex Date Model is an excellent introduction to the world of Rolex watches. It has everything you'd expect from a Rolex—the iconic Oyster case, date display, automatic mechanical movement, and Cyclops lens—but none of the extras.

It's a terrific way to get into the Rolex club without spending a fortune, and it's a great everyday watch.