Rolex Vintage GMT-Master Models

Rolex completely outclassed all its competitors when it introduced travel watches. The GMT Master was featured as a two-timer watch that simultaneously displayed two time zones. Keeping in mind the trend of intercontinental travels, Rolex made this watch exclusively for travel needs!

The GMT Master was titled "The Cosmopolitan Watch" as it suited every person who wished to travel between nations.

Below we will discuss some aspects of the Rolex GMT Master: Its history, design, features, and specifications.


The GMT Master, launched in 1955, was projected to mark another success feat for the Rolex as it was an in-home creation. The Rolex took the opportunity from the most demanded need at that time and made the most out of it.

As the manufacture of Rolex GMT Master aimed to cater to increasing international travels, it became a favorite chronograph piece for pilots as they demand flawless precision and uncompromised rigidness to make sure they are on their schedule.

It became part of the conventional dress for the pilots of the famous intercontinental airline - Pan America. It has also served the British and French test pilots who participated in the test flights of the Concorde held in the 1960s. These achievements made it "The Conqueror of the Skies".


Dual-color numbers on the dial are the trademark of Rolex's GMT. The idea behind dual color was to distinguish between daytime and nighttime hours with the colors of close association: Red for day and blue for night. The original colors were also replaced by white and gold.

Rolex has also featured 'meteorite dial' in 2019. The meteorite dial consists of Iron meteorite, the product of the crystallization of Iron and Nickel that took many years.

Features and specifications

Two Time Zones Display

Being featured for travelers, it managed to display two time zones synchronously. Rolex introduced this feature by adding an extra time handle with a three-cornered apex representing the alternative time.

The traditional hour, minute, and second-time handles are set to the regional time. The Calibre 3285 - which possesses automatic movement and a power reserve of 70 hours - conveniently adjusts local time without interrupting the 24-hour time handle representing the alternative time.

While adjusting the time, it should be noted that the date will change according to the regional time.

Safety and Comfort

The oyster-steel and jubilee wristlets introduced by the Rolex GMT Master in 2019 are equipped with a protection grip designed by Rolex. It prevents the spontaneous opening of the watch.

Its multi-color dial is skillfully made with a prompt extension mechanism that allows the wearer to increase the wristlet length according to their comfort. The dial can be loosened to 5 mm maximum.

The Rolex GMT Master is exceptionally memorable and one-of-its-kind. Its historical past, revolutionary design, and demand-meeting features play a significant role in Rolex's popularity today.