Rolex Vintage Orchid Models

Considering ladies' requirements, Rolex produced some of the best models exclusively for ladies, incorporating the luxuriousness of fashionable pieces into its standard functionality.

The Rolex Orchid's delicate display is filled up with hard-and-fast components that maintain the quality of Rolex's watches.

Talking about the description of the Rolex Orchid model, we would like to expound it in terms of its design and features.

Features and specifications

1. An elegant overlay:

The precise crafting and embroidered overlay are the specifications that give the Rolex Orchid its prominence. These overlays constitute various expensive materials that replace the 12 0' clock mark to add richness to the majestic gaze of the watch.

Another feature that contributes significantly to the splendidness of the watch is its 18K color-diversified gold plating, the color of the gold switches between white, yellow, and pink.

The collection in the color of gold and the usage of the 12 0’ clock mark results in the bewildering array of watches available for wearers of different interests and personalities.

2. Characteristic dial and strap:

The dials of Rolex's watches, especially for the Orchid model, are carefully hand-crafted to ensure absolute comfort, careful detailing, and spotless perfection.

Gold, the principal constituent of the dial, secures rigidness combined with softness a watch-wearer would ever want.

The variations in the second constituent of the dial, such as oyster-steel and platinum, play their part in the extraordinary look of the watches.

Rolex's Orchid model has a timepiece for every occasion, feel and look, including vintage, classical, professional, and modernistic styles. The dial and the strap of Rolex’s Orchid model are encrusted with valuable glistening gems that apply a final stroke of elegance and royalty to the timepiece.

The flexibility in the thickness of straps in Rolex's Orchid model extending into three sizes – 28 mm, 36 mm, and 39 mm – broadens the variety and bewilders the choice of watch-wearers.

Design of components:

1. The detailed chronographic frame:

For the first time in history, Rolex utilized the opportunity to create an impenetrable chronographic frame and looping mechanism. It was possible only because of the proper usage of oyster steel as the primary ingredient of the watch's looping mechanism.

The looping mechanism of the watch, constituting 10 individual parts that are imperviously sealed onto the chronographic frame, highlights its technical fabrication.

2. Stoned digits:

Rolex has continued using valuable gems in every watch component; even the digits are skinned with the same material that persists throughout the watch. If it uses diamonds in the frame and strap, the digits are also created by diamonds to complement the overall theme of the watch unconditionally.

The continuance of the Rolex's characteristic features was known for adapting suitable, and corresponding features and design systems mark an international standard for creating an ideal timepiece. Rolex has embedded all needy features a woman would ever demand in the Orchid model.