Rolex Vintage Submariner Models

The Rolex Submariner has developed into an essential breakthrough for any significant watch, and it's entirely because of its long and eventful life, which is overflowing in interesting detail and is rich with historical value.

But how did it all come to be in the first place? From its inception to the end of all dive watches, the history of the Rolex Submariner model is detailed below.

The History

The Rolex Submariner has defined the dive watch category, but it has also represented the sports watch category in general since its introduction in 1953.

When they say "wristwatch," we believe that subconsciously, many people immediately think of a Rolex Submariner. This is probably because world leaders, along with movie stars, sports legends, and pretty much any other notable person you can think of, have worn it.

The Submariner popularized the concept of a black-dialed stainless-steel watch with a rotating timing bezel, a comfortable bracelet, and luminous hands.

The Rolex Submariner can be divided into three categories which are described below:

Date vs. No Date

As the title suggests, these watches don't have a date display which sets them apart from the rest of the Submariner series. Stainless steel is the only case material available for these models, and they all feature a black dial.

Green Submariners and Stainless Steel

Submariner was 50 years old in 2003. Therefore, the brand launched a special black-dial variant with a green bezel for the occasion. Green Submariner is also known as "Kermit," which seems to be no longer in production, making finding one of these watches a little more difficult.

Two-Tone Submariner

"Rolesor" Submariners are two-toned, bringing the best of both worlds: yellow gold and stainless steel. The watches' bi-color design immediately grabs the attention of onlookers, making them an excellent choice for those searching for a distinctive timepiece that gets people talking.

The Design

In the 60 years after it was first produced, the Rolex Submariner has undergone numerous changes, yet its basic design has remained remarkably constant.

This watch has a bezel with a glowing insert, an oyster bracelet, and a Mercedes-Benz handset; However, these design details are not particularly significant on their own, but when put together, they create the only watch with a substantial design called the Rolex Submariner.

The Latest Model

Everything from the stainless-steel no-date model to the pure gold references has been fully revamped inside and out as part of the 2020 update.

The most significant change to the Submariner line is the increase in size from 40mm to 41mm. The larger case diameter may annoy purists, but it makes sense considering Rolex's previous releases and their criticism.

When it was first introduced, the Rolex Submariner was intended to be the world's best-known and most popular premium Swiss sports watch. It has since become one of the most often pirated watches.

Genuine Submariners have become an essential fashion accessory for businesspeople, Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes and many more. As a mass-market watch, it does not detract from its quality. It highlights the precise conceptual design that has made it an icon.