Rolex Vintage Yacht-Master Models

A nautically inspired luxury sports watch from Rolex, the Yacht-Master is more abundant than the Submariner, flashier than the Datejust, and sleeker than the GMT-Master.

Rolex's Yacht-Master line, which initially appeared in the 1990s, is likewise a relative newcomer.

Explore the Rolex Yacht Master's history and evolution with us.

History of Rolex Yacht-Master

The Yacht-Master, Rolex's most versatile sports watch series, is available in a wide variety of sizes and case metals. It has also been combined with bracelet types and bezel materials in unique combinations.

This maritime sports watch has been a Rolex constant for more than three decades and is home to dozens of references, some of which are no longer in production.

References that Yacht-Master introduced:

  • Ref. 16628 – 40mm Oyster Case (1960)
  • Ref. 16622 – Rolesium 40mm Steel Case (1999)
  • Ref. 16623 – Two-tone watch with stainless-steel and yellow gold (2005)
  • Ref. 116655 – Everose Gold (2015)

Features and Aesthetics of Rolex Yacht-Master

The Rolex Yacht-Master is a work of art in and of itself, aside from its usefulness. Made and designed by Rolex to perform correctly, you won't be dissatisfied with the Rolex Yacht-Master.

Despite its 40mm diameter, the Yacht-time-lapse Master's bezel appears to be much larger and heavier than it is.

The 29mm Lady Yacht-Master and 35mm mid-size Yacht-Master also have this aesthetic element; if you're searching for an "oversized" sport style watch, the Yacht-Master is the best option.

Latest Rolex Yacht-Master

Reference 116622 is the newest Yacht-Master model. Rolex's Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master is a sports timepiece designed to represent the company's long-standing relationship with the sport of sailing. It comes in three sizes: 29mm, 35mm, and 40mm.

To provide a dash of color to the stainless steel and platinum mix, Rolex added blue dials to this watch. The watch is easy to read because of its large hour markers and broad hands and the high and finished numerals that stand out against the contrast matt of the dial.

The Yacht Master's rotating, 60-minute graded bezel, consisting of 18K yellow gold or 950 platinum, enables users to measure sailing time.

Predictions for 2022

No one knows where the Yacht-Master will go next after Baselworld 2020 was canceled. Is there anything new that will keep the attention that has been drawn to it since 2015? There is a chance that a new stainless-steel Yacht-Master will be released, making this watch even more widely available. We'll have to wait and see.

Why Invest in Rolex Yacht-Master?

There are numerous reasons to buy a Yacht-Master watch from Rolex. Only the legendary Rolex Yacht-Master watch can match its supreme quality and instantly recognizable appearance, thanks to a reliable movement and a combination of distinctive features that allow great competition timings on the water.

Although the controversial watch's regatta timing feature may not be helpful to you, it is one of the unique complications watches available. To this day, the Yacht-Master is a timepiece with lasting value since it symbolizes a brand with great heritage and significance.