A Complete Buying Guide for Tudor Watches

A Complete Buying Guide for Tudor Watches

A Little History behind the Tudor Watch

The founder of Rolex watches, Hans Wilsdorf, pioneered the first Tudor watch in 1926 in Geneva. He stated that he created another watch company to provide the general population with a watch that maintained the quality of the Rolex but was more affordable.

The watch gained immense popularity as it became famous for being a sister company to the Rolex. All those who had dreams of buying the Rolex but couldn't afford it were now able to buy the more affordable Tudor watch, which was also considered a luxury watch.

Due to its association with Rolex, Tudor watches gained enough popularity to stay in the market for a long time. In the early years, it was only known as the go-to cheaper brand if Rolex was unattainable. But slowly, after the release of some of its popular models, Tudor has managed to make its own place in the world of luxury watches.

Buying Your First Tudor Watch

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing a Tudor as your first watch:

Its Calibers

The Tudor and Rolex brands pride themselves in providing their exceptional in-house movements designed and adjusted by the manufacturers. The caliber of the watch is entirely made in-house and has been developed with the help of Rolex, which immediately gives more points to the Tudor watch compared to others in the market

Craftsmanship Quality Is Guaranteed

All Tudor watches are 100% made in Switzerland with premium quality materials providing the most refined finish and robust feel. This puts them ahead of the race in the market among other competitors. So while in the same price range as other watches, Tudor proves to be a much better value for money.

When You Want Something Different

Their long and interesting history adds more value to the Tudor brand. Tudor watches are known to be long-lasting due to strict testing and quality control measures that they undergo before leaving the factory. While being affordable, they employ the same premium features as Rolex's, providing a luxury and quality feel to the watch. Most Tudor watches take inspiration from their heritage for many of their current models.

Five Year Warranty

The brand offers a five-year warranty to its customers, proving to be an excellent value for money. The only other brands that offer a five-year warranty are Omega and Rolex. This makes Tudor watches a great watch to buy.

Selected Recommended Models

The Heritage Black Bay

This is undoubtedly the most famous Tudor watch. It was launched in 2012 when the Tudor brand made a comeback and immediately gained popularity.

Tudor Pelagos

Featuring the iconic snowflake hands, this is another trendy model. This one is a much sportier model than the Black Bay. You should opt for this if looking for a sporty tool watch.

Tudor Glamour

An elegant and sophisticated model designed for ladies providing a line of dainty and elegant designs

Tudor North Flag

The North Flag is the first watch to be fitted with in-house movements and pays tribute to the 1950's Tudor timepieces such as the Tudor Oyster Price watches.

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