A How-To Guide on Wearing a Women's Watch

How-To Guide on Wearing a Women's Watch

A women's watch is a bold accessory that can complete your look if carried the right way. Some women categorize their watch as their jewelry, which is not incorrect, but there is more to wearing a women's watch than a necklace and earrings. While women can boldly wear their timepiece on the top of their sleeves, opting for a flashier look, sometimes it needs to be more hidden and subtle. This article is the perfect guide on styling a women's watch with different looks.

Choosing the Side

You don' need to stress over which hand is the right one to sport your watch. You might have noticed that most people wear the watch on their left hand. But what if you are more

comfortable wearing on the right hand? No hard and fast rule restricts one side from wearing the watch. Most people only wear the watch in the left hand because they are right-handed: wearing it on the non-dominant side is more feasible. After all, the more you are comfortable, the better you will portray your look.

Formal Style

A formal style generally involves your outfit being more decent and simple. Women's watches can be heavily fashionable which look highly attractive. Ensure you stick to a simple watch style, perhaps a traditional dial that compliments your outfit. Instead of contrasting the look, your watch color and strap should go with the dress.

Minimalist Style

A minimalistic look can be very classy if you pair it with the right watch. This look involves boasting the same color outfit from top to bottom. So wear a watch with the same color as your dress with the simplest design and not something that will shine separately, stealing eyes away from your outfit.

The Casual Chic

The casual chic style offers you more versatility with your watch styles. A trend is to match the watch's strap with the color of your accessories. For example, you can match the strap to the color of your bag or shoes. You can sport a hippie look even with a multicolored watch. The chic outfit generally involves casual, and luxury watch styles.

Try Men's Watch

Wearing a men's watch has seen an uptick in women's fashion since celebrities like Madonna and Elle McPherson famously wore them to award shows. Surprisingly, this fashion statement spread worldwide. Women are often seen wearing men's watches to portray a luxurious look since the dials of men's watches are more prominent than that of women's. Standing at 40mm, the Rolex Daytona is one of the most famous men's watches on a women's wrist.

Make Your Statement

In the end, it's all about what type of fashion statement you want to make. To wear a watch the perfect way, choose the outfit you will wear, which will be according to the occasion. A party is an occasion you can dig your chances to flaunt your watch. Tone your outfit down a bit than the shade of your watch, and see all eyes around you sticking to it. In comparison, you will wear a formal outfit for a business meeting. Wearing a shiny timepiece can portray your image wrongly or can be simply irritating for some people. So make sure you match your watch with your outfit, and the design complements the room's decorum.

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