A Man's Guide To Different Types of Wristwatches

A Man’s Guide To Different Types of Wristwatches

When it comes to choosing the right wristwatch, there are a few things a man should keep in mind. With all of the styles available, it can be tricky to find the perfect one for you. This guide will help make the process a little easier.

Watch Movements

When most people think of wristwatches, they think of the time-telling device strapped to their wrist. But, there is so much more to a wristwatch than just telling time. The movement inside a watch makes it tick. There are many different watch movements, and each has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks.


A mechanical wristwatch is powered by a mainspring which is wound up manually. The gears and springs inside the watch move the hands on the watch's face.


Your hand movement during the day winds up the mainspring of your automatic wristwatch. This type of watch runs on a small mechanical engine powered by a coiled spring called the mainspring. The mainspring is wound up every time the wearer moves their arm, which is why manual watches require winding every so often.


Quartz movements are the most common type of movement in watches, and it utilises a battery to keep time.

Types of Watches

If you are in the market for a new watch, you may wonder what type to buy. There are many different types of watches available, from dress watches to sports watches. Let's look at some of the most popular types of watches.

Dress Watch

The dress watch is a style staple for both men and women. It embodies simplicity and sophistication, making it the perfect choice for all occasions. Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, a dress watch will always add a touch of elegance to your look. So if you're in the market for a new timepiece, be sure to check out the dress watch.

Field Watch

The field watch is the descendant of the WWI trench watch – a simple, sturdy timepiece designed for soldiers to wear in the field. Unlike dress watches, which are delicate and often adorned with precious metals and gemstones, field watches are built to withstand tough conditions and are typically made of less expensive materials. While they may not be as flashy as their dressy counterparts, field watches offer unmatched practicality and durability in other types of watches. If you’re looking for a timepiece that can handle anything you throw at it, a field watch is a perfect choice.

Dive Watch

If you love spending time in or near the water, a dive watch is a perfect accessory for you. These watches are designed specifically for individuals who spend a lot of time in or around

water, and they come with a variety of features that make them perfect for any aquatic activity.

Pilot Watch

A pilot watch is a specific type of timepiece designed for pilots and aviation professionals. The first pilot watches were created in the early 1900s, and they have evolved over the years to include features that are specifically beneficial for pilots. Today, pilot watches are popular among civilians who appreciate their design and functionality.

Final Word

With all of the wristwatch styles available, it can be tricky to find the perfect one for you. This guide will help make the process a little easier. You'll never regret investing in your style with the right watch on your wrist.

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