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3 Best Tudor Watches to Invest In

The History of Tudor Watches

Most people don’t know that Tudor watches were founded by the same iconic man that founded Rolex watches. Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law designed the first Rolex in 1905 and were the first to patent waterproof watches. 40 years later, they introduced the Tudor watch. This was designed while maintaining quality and giving attention to detail but at more affordable prices so that more people could buy them. Tudor watches gained popularity as the watch you buy before you can afford a Rolex.

Between the Tudor and Rolex, the Tudor has experimented with different models and styles, whereas Rolex plays it relatively safe and maintains its classic age-old mechanism and design. It is also believed that the Tudor is the company’s guinea pig to keep testing new features and assess its response in the market. Once a feature is well received, it is then incorporated into the Rolex watch.

Popular Tudor Watches

Tudor watches were first designed primarily for sailors and divers. It was meant to be a marine watch, so it has features suited to people employed in the marines

The Oyster Submariner

The Tudor submariner was the first Tudor watch to ever be launched in 1954 and was introduced a year after the Rolex Submariner. These pieces were created from 1954 to 1968, after which the production stopped. Today, finding Tudor submariners in mint condition is extremely rare, but pre-owned submariners are still available in the market and affordable.

The Tudor Pelagos Diver’s Watch

Also known as the ultimate diver’s tool watch. It was designed specifically for scuba diving, deep-sea diving, surfing, sailing, swimming, and essentially every water sport under the sun. The Pelagos received the ‘Sports watch’ award at the prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève

The Tudor Black Bay

The black bay is a Swiss-diver’s watch that is inspired by the retro look. They were created with the original Tudor Submariner model in mind and therefore got their ‘vintage’ look, making them a part of the heritage collection. Their distinguishing features are the snowflake-shaped hands and the sapphire crystal glass lens. Another feature is their in-house movements with a 70-hour power reserve.

Some Interesting Facts about Tudor Watches

  • Tudor launched its first diver’s watch in 1954, and it was waterproof to 100 meters
  • Tudor watches were worn by the navy and military and were resilient enough to survive harsh climates
  • Tudor watches were made for the Marine Nationals and the French Navy, who only bought the dials without the bracelets to wear them with straps instead. The Marine Nationals not only bought the Tudor watches but also played an active role in developing and improving upon them.
  • Tudor watches were used in the British scientific expedition to Greenland.

Final Note

While Tudor watches were initially known as the lesser-known sibling in their early years, they made a comeback in 2010. They have made their identity as robust tool watches of excellent quality for professional use. The chronograph, Pelagos, and Black Bay are quite trendy today. If you’re looking for a dealership that sells vintage Tudor watches, check Daddy’s Watch, and you’ll find some of the best pre-owned and 100% authentic watches there are. Ideal for giving as a gift or even for yourself.

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    Tudor watches have been around for almost a hundred years now! They are one of the first watches ever invented and pioneered by Rolex's father, Hans Wilsdorf. Created as a sister watch to Rolex, Tudor watches were designed to maintain the same premium quality of the Rolex watch while being much easier on the pocket in terms of the price value. Hans Wilsdorf said that he wanted to create a watch company that was more affordable and hence accessible to the entire population as not all could afford to buy the Rolex.