5 Facts About Rolex Watches

5 Facts About Rolex Watches

For over a century, Rolex has ruled the watch industry by its luxury brand, but it was never as popular as it is now. Rolex watches are well-known for their high-quality designs and materials. However, there are many aspects of the company that you may not be aware of.

Continue reading if you're interested in learning more about Rolex watches and discovering some fascinating facts:

1. They Are Handmade

Did you know that making one Rolex watch almost takes a year? That is because each watch is handcrafted and given the utmost care and attention to make sure that it meets the high standards set by this prestigious brand.

Every part of a Rolex watch is made from raw material, hand-assembled, and individually tested. Quality assurance makes these watches one of the best in the world.

2. They Are COSC Certified

In 1910, Rolex produced a COSC-certified watch. "Officially Certified" has since then been connected with the brand and displayed on most dials proudly like a hallmark. The brand has had a precision standard for its movements since the 1950s, which is three times the number required by COSC guidelines.

3. Their Oyster Cases Are Waterproof

In 1926, Rolex Introduced Oyster Case, the first waterproof wristwatch. This was a revolutionary moment since it wasn't completely known and understood that watches are ruined because they cannot stop water from getting inside the case and destroying the machine.

4. Their Gold is Produced In House

Besides carefully assembling every machine by hand, Rolex goes the extra mile by in-house production of the gold for their watches. Because of this in-house production, Rolex can control and manage the production and manufacturing of their gold, ensuring high quality.

5. Rolex Has Its Own Team of Gemologists

This fact might blow your mind because ours did! Rolex's gemologist team works hard to ensure that the gemstones used in Rolex watches are of the highest quality.

Rolex's gemologists purchase, test, arrange, and set diamonds and other precious stones in various Rolex watches that include gemstones. Gemologists pay astronomical prices for gemstones from suppliers.

Final Thoughts

Rolex's logo is a crown that is carefully placed in all their dials, and maybe what that crown represents is the fact that Rolex is the "King" of all watches. Moreover, all the aforementioned facts prove that since the beginning, Rolex has never compromised with quality.

It's difficult not to be impressed by these Rolex facts. They demonstrate that Rolex hasn't always been what it is today, but they also demonstrate that Rolex was, and continues to be, different from all other Swiss watch competitor companies.

The Rolex brand rules the luxury watch industry and is a global symbol of accuracy and excellence. And it is constantly evolving and innovating in a low-key manner, so buy now and flaunt your luxury watch at all business, family, and personal events.

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