5 Tips to Take Care of Your Expensive Watch

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Expensive Watch

Watches aren’t just devices that display the time. They’re more of a style statement that you wear where you go. A watch isn’t just some pieces of metal, glass, and leather joined together; it’s an intricately engineered masterpiece. A luxury watch, owing to its elegance, class, and aesthetic beauty, can cost you several hundred to thousand dollars. Owning an Armani, Rolex, or Tag Heuer watch is something a common man can only dream about because they’re super expensive.

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford such an expensive watch, you better not take it for granted. As much as these watches are reliable, they’re also very delicate. If you don’t take good care of them, they’ll soon lose their luster and aesthetic appeal – that we’re sure you won’t want.

We’ve put together some tips that will help you take care of your expensive watch and keep it looking as attractive and classy as it was on the first day you bought it.

Clean Your Watch Regularly

Watches tend to get dirty as they’re exposed to all external factors like dust and dirt and are also exposed to sweat. All of these factors can swipe away the shine and luster of your expensive watch and make it look ordinary – which it isn’t. One way to keep your watch looking as good as new is by regularly cleaning it with a soft cloth to ensure no dust or debris settles deep into the watch’s design. A soft cloth is a must as it’ll ensure the surface of your watch doesn’t get scratched.

Don’t Keep Your Watch Near Magnets

You may not realize this, but if you keep your watch in close proximity to a magnet, it’ll lose its efficiency to show time correctly. Magnets interfere with a watch’s timekeeping capability. Therefore, you should try to avoid bringing the two close to each other.

Know How Much Water Your Watch Can Really Resist

Most expensive watches are water-resistant. It means they won’t get damaged if they get exposed to water. While no renowned watch manufacturer would make a bogus claim, you should know that there’s a limit to how much water a watch can resist. Most watches won’t get affected by the water splashes while washing your hands or face. However, diving into deep water with your watch on can damage it. Every watch comes with a distinct set of specifications. It’s best if you don’t assume anything on your own.

Prevent Scratches to the Crystal

Of course, we need not say this out loud, but it being extra cautious won’t hurt. One way to keep your expensive watch looking as good and attractive as new is by preventing any scratches to the crystal. Scratches on the crystal will have a prominent adverse effect on the aesthetics of your luxury watch.

Don’t Stay Out in Direct Sun for Long

Did you know exposing your expensive watch to direct sunlight for extended periods can lead to the fading of its color? A faded watch would look anything but classy. You should try to avoid wearing your expensive watch if you’ll be out in the sun all day. This is one of the most basic expensive watch care tips.

Taking care of an expensive watch isn’t difficult. It just requires you to be extra vigilant and cautious of the damaging factors around you that could possibly damage your luxury watch. Luxury watches deserve to be treated well – and with the price they’re associated with, you most definitely should treat them with all the royalty and respect!

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