5 Watch Wearing Rules Every Man Should Know

5 Watch Wearing Rules Every Man Should Know

For men, watches in all decency are a serious matter of making a statement across the room. There are several different styles of watches available in a wide price range. Exquisite watches make themselves noticed. But that doesn't mean that you can't wear a less expensive watch with any less style.

There are specific rules that apply when wearing clothes that are commonly known, such as matching the color of your belt and shoes, creating a contrasting match, or pairing up two similar colors. These simple fundamentals make you stand apart quite effortlessly. Fortunately, particular watch-wearing rules for men make even a simple-looking watch personify your style.

Rule 1: Perfect Fitting Is Important

Every person has their fit preference of how they like to wear their watch. For a short time, loose watches were in style, mostly with cheetah-printed shirts and gold necklaces. However,

people soon realized that it was not a trend to stay. You can have your preference and may like a loose watch, but the appeal of a well-fitted watch is unmatched by that of a loose one. Technically, your watch should be tight enough that it doesn't keep slipping down from your wrist, but not so tight that it hurts you.

Rule 2: Wear Your Watch on Your Weaker Side

Ever wonder why the majority of men wear watches on the left hand? Because the majority is right-handed. The general perception is that it is easier to work with your dominant hand if you wear the watch on the other hand. While that is true, the main reason behind this ideology is that wearing the watch on the non-dominant side balances your appearance as the stronger hand is usually more noticed. Therefore, if you are a righty, wear the watch on your left hand and vice versa.

Rule 3: Match the Watch with Your Outfit

It goes without saying that you should match your wardrobe, including your watch. While it is apparent that you cannot match the color of your watch with every piece of clothing you have, it is the style that you should look after. A casual or sports watch won't be formal for a business meeting. Similarly, a luxury watch is not suitable for an outfit you have picked out for a funeral. Ensure that you pick the right style of watch that matches your outfit.

Match Your Watch for The Occasion

Rule 4: Wear Your Watch Before Your Wrist bone

Don't be flashy! Men take pride in wearing a classy-looking watch. But if you wear your watch closer to your palm, you kill the subtle look you wanted to portray. Additionally, a lower position restricts your motion and leads to fatigue. You should wear the watch before your wrist bone, so if you're wearing your shirt, the sleeve covers a bit of the watch. It portrays a decent image and gives the impression that you are not one to show off, which is all the more appealing.

Rule 5: Know When to Check Your Watch

Last but not least, know when it is appropriate to check your watch. You can wear it on the right hand, have it well fitted, and place it above your wrist bone, but none of it will matter if you don't follow this golden rule. Checking your watch too often or on the wrong occasion, for instance, in an interview, will project a sense of urgency, telling the other person that they are unimportant.

Final Words

Whether you believe it or not, wearing a watch automatically adds a classy twist to your image, which you must carry responsibly. These five golden watch-wearing rules for men ensure that you do it right!

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