5 Ways You Can Damage Your Wristwatch

5 Ways You Can Damage Your Wristwatch

Do you own a high-end, branded wristwatch? If yes, we can tell you've got a taste for wristwatches! Keeping their watches looking great is their top priority for someone who loves watches. Although the manufacturer says that they've used stainless steel and high-quality, weather-proof leather to make the watch, your wristwatch is bound to get damaged if you don’t take care of it well.

In fact, some of your practices might be damaging your wristwatch. If your watch has gotten damaged, you might be the one to blame and not the manufacturer. Let's have a look at five ways you can damage your wristwatch. When you know what you might be doing wrong, you'll be able to take better care of your watch and keep it looking as good as new for longer.

1. Polishing Your Wristwatch too Often

Who doesn't want their wristwatch always to look as bright and shiny as the day they just bought it? Well, everybody does, especially if the watch cost them a fortune! For this reason, many people get their wristwatches polished regularly. A new scratch on the watch? Polish! The watch looks dull? Polish! Back from an off-roading adventure with a dusty watch? Polish! You see, the solution to every watch problem seems to be to polish your watch when it really doesn't need polishing.

Polishing a wristwatch too much can actually damage it. Every time you apply a coat of polish, you're losing a layer of metal or gold that's on the watch casing through burnishing. This can have a direct impact (a negative one) on the value of your watch!

2. Exposing the Watch to Water

Most high-end wristwatches are made to be resistant to water. There's no harm to exposing the watch to little water like it is okay not to remove your watch while washing your hands or going out in the rain. However, even wristwatches from the top luxury brands have a limit to their water resistance. There's a certain depth of water that they can withstand. Moreover, getting into a sauna or hot water bath with your watch on can cause the metal to contract and expand that can create space for water to get in and damage your watch irreparably.

3. Setting the Date at the Wrong Time

Yes, there's a right and wrong time to change the date on your wristwatch. Between 10 pm and 2 am, the watch is already in the process of changing the date (more common in vintage watches). If you attempt changing the date during these hours, you risk damaging your beloved wristwatch. This is something not many people are aware of.

4. Exposing to Magnets

Did you know exposing your watch or even bringing it too close to magnets can damage it? Magnets can cause problems with the hairspring or mainspring inside the watch. While your modern watches may not get damaged too much by exposure to magnets, a vintage watch can really give way!

5. Extreme Temperatures

Exposing your wristwatch to extreme temperatures, both high and low, can damage the internal mechanism and, eventually, the watch. Even if the watch doesn’t get damaged visibly, the time accuracy will be affected.

Who knew it was your negligence that was damaging your wristwatch? Well, now that you are aware of the five ways you can damage your wristwatch, you can avoid these mistakes and make sure your watch stays as good as new for longer.

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