How to Spot a Fake Tudor

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Tudor watches were founded by the same brilliant man who founded Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. They were originally designed to maintain the same quality and exquisite design but at a more affordable price. Unfortunately, as with many industries, Tudor watches face the problem of fraudulent copies. They are so close to the original that you can barely tell them apart. Here are some ways you can spot a dupe Tudor.

The Bezel Details

Depending on which style of the Tudor watch you’re comparing, check for the intensity of color on the bezel of the watch. It should not be light and dull. It should look bright and ‘alive’. Check the numbers and the dots printed on the bezel; the font and thickness should be the right size. The fake ones are printed too thick. The numbers printed on the real watch look sharp and detailed.

The Trademark on the Crown

All Tudor watches have the iconic Tudor rose logo on the crown. While fake watches have a Tudor rose logo engraved on them too, but it often looks too sharp and too loud, whereas in the real watch, it is understated, classy and neat, and done to perfection.

The Inscriptions on the Dial

The dial is usually the surest way of spotting a fake watch. The real watch will have an impeccable finish with no ink bleeds, uneven letters, or bulky writing. The inscriptions on the fake watch are generally the wrong size and appear too thick. The spaces between the lines are uneven.

The Lume Effect

The lume effect between the real and fake watch is also a great way to tell the two apart. The fake watch won’t glow as brightly in the dark, and its luminous material is not as evenly distributed as in the real one. Fake watches don’t use high-quality lume; therefore the lume effect is not as bright and doesn’t glow for as long as the real one

The Case

The finishing on the case will tell you if it’s real or fake. The real watch has neat and beveled edges on its case, unlike the low-quality finish on the fake watch.

The Case Back Engravings

The engravings on the case back can help spot the difference between the two. The real watch would have engravings that are more precise, clean, and uniform in size and space, whereas the fake one will appear bolder or not uniform in size or thickness.

The Movement

The movement of a fake watch is low quality, and most fake watches don’t focus on the movement quality. If the second-hand stutters instead of ticking in an automatic watch, then it is definitely a fake watch.

The Price

The price of the fake would obviously be much lower than that of the real one unless the seller is trying to fool you into paying the amount of the real watch for a fake watch.

The Finishing On the Hands

Check and compare the hand of the real watch to the fake. Check for length, thickness, size, and design of the hands of the watch.

The Bracelet Clasp

The text on the bracelet and the clasp are another way to distinguish between real and fake. The clasp on the real watch is smaller, and the ‘Tudor’ is written neatly and with perfection.

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