Rolex vs. Tudor - The Ultimate Brand Comparison

Rolex vs. Tudor - The Ultimate Brand Comparison

The History behind Rolex and Tudor

Not many people are aware of this, but the luxury Rolex watch brand has a shared founder and owner. Hans Wilsdorf, the creator of the most coveted watches in the world since their inception back in 1905. Symbolizing perfection, prestige, and innovation, the Rolex watch has maintained its reputation despite being more than a century old!

The same owner, Wilsdorf, founded the Tudor watch company after the success garnered by his first company. Due to its high cost and limited clientele, Wilsdorf decided to open up a new watch company to maintain the same quality as the Rolex but at more affordable prices. This was how the Tudor watch company came into existence and gained popularity as those who couldn't afford to buy the Rolex were now able to buy Tudor, knowing that it's a sister company to Rolex.

The Differences between the Two

The Price

As discussed above, the reason behind the inception of the Tudor watch was to make it more affordable. Rolex watches cater to the elite niche of a population and cannot be owned by everyone. Many people buy Rolex watches for investment purposes, passed down to generations. Each watch is hand-made by expert technicians incorporating in-house movements. Premium quality materials are used to build the watch, and it is the first-ever watch to be made waterproof and self-winding.

The Symbol

The symbol of the Rolex is the crown, whereas the symbol of the Tudor is the iconic rose.

The Hands of the Watch

The Tudor has iconic snowflake-shaped hands in some of its models, whereas the Rolex does not. The Tudor watches have had many different features that have been incorporated over the years and usually acted as the guinea pig company for Rolex. Each time customers received a new feature in the Tudor, it was included in the Rolex.


The movements of the Rolex are exclusively in-house, whereas those in the Tudor are ETA movements for a few years. The main difference between the Rolex and the Tudor is the movement, which sets the Rolex apart.

Value Retention

Rolex has retained its value over the years. Its value keeps appreciating. No other brand of watches compares to the Rolex in value retention. The Tudor watch also has good value retention but only for specific popular models.


In conclusion, both watches are excellent in quality and material used. Both are made in Switzerland and have an excellent reputation. While the Rolex is timeless and everlasting, Tudor is also not far behind. Of course, it matters which watch you prefer, depending largely on your budget at the end of the day.

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