7 Most Stylish Tudor Watches for Women

7 Most Stylish Tudor Watches for Women

Tudor watches have long been known for their luxury and premium quality. They initially gained popularity due to their relation to the Rolex brand, but Tudor watches have made their own place in the market in the last two decades. They are known to be affordable luxury watches, making them a great selling point. Here are some of the most stylish Tudor watches on the market today.

The Tudor 1926 28mm Stainless Steel

If you believe that beauty lies in simple things, this is the perfect watch. It is sleek and simple with a minimalistic design with rose gold hands, and a rose gold bezel adding femininity to the watch. With a battery reserve of up to 38 hours and water resistance to a depth of 150 meters, this watch is a class apart, combining aesthetics, quality, and function into a timeless one of a kind watch.

Clair De Rose

This is another iconic and stylish women's watch that can easily be taken from a casual daytime look into a formal evening look. The blue hands of the watch add a pop of color to the otherwise monochromatic look of the watch. With a power reserve of up to 38 hours and a self-winding mechanism, the Clair De Rose remains a classic

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Automatic

The most striking feature of this watch is its 'aged' brown leather strap. This strap is not found in any other collections and is unique to this one. It has a self-winding caliber mechanism and offers a power reserve of up to 38 hours and water resistance to a depth of 150 meters.

Tudor Style Automatic

The Tudor Style Automatic takes multifaceted to another level. With a dial that reflects light in all directions. While it has been a more formal watch that can be worn with dressy outfits, it also goes well with a casual top and a pair of jeans. Regardless of what you wear, the watch stands out due to its classic and exquisite features.

Tudor Monarch

This is another stylish piece that men and women both can wear. It is a minimalistic, elegant piece. They are made from high-quality stainless steel. Its white dial with silver hands and applied indexes blend perfectly with the silver bracelet giving an overall subtle look for those who don't like to make a bold statement.

The Tudor Glamour Date

The Tudor glamour date is a stunning luxurious piece encrusted with diamonds around the bezel along with eleven diamonds inside the dial. It has a self-winding mechanism and is one of the most popular Tudor watches for women.

The Tudor Black Bay 32 S&G

This is one of the boldest pieces of the brand. If you are creative and artsy, then this abstract piece is perfect for you. It is self-winding and is different from other Tudor watches in that they are not shiny and reflective. Instead, its yellow gold bezel and steel bracelet add overall contrasting subtle warmth to the watch.

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